It’s curious to me that parenting is as much about the parents’ growth as it is the child’s.   I never imagined that I could “stretch so much”.  I guess I mean that literally and figuratively. There’s a deep connection, once started, that’s not only never lost, but unable to be severed.  The relationship can handle fatigue and failure at rates almost uncharted and unimaginable.  I knew I’d love my babies.  I knew my heart would be full, but I never quite imagined this. In my thoughts, my commitment would be enormous, but it was measurable.  Come to find out,  it’s more like the ocean; so endless in mystery and depth.  I’m glad for the surprise. 

I think back to my good intentions.  Is there a parent who doesn’t look back and wish they had been better at this? The reality is that the growth in us and of our children, happen together. We’re a catalyst for each other. By design, our lives intertwine, growing us both.  We see the wall marked up with our progress, both getting taller and richer in life.  It’s all very astonishing, that this relationship is so symbiotic.