I have the privilege of having a twin in this life.  I imagine that even in the womb Londa looked out for me.  That’s just who who she is~encourager to all who know her.  From the very beginning we’ve battled life’s hurdles together, even survival when being born early.  We jibber-jabbered before we had words.


We loved each other before there was awareness of that word in our vocabulary.  And then 5 years later, Lori joined us in our escapades. We welcomed our little sister to our clan, and the three of us have a bond that is indescribable.

With a glance we know the truth in each other’s hearts.  With a gesture we know a conversation will happen when we have time alone. I love these two for so many reasons.  They are anchors in my storms, and when needed they are wind in my sails.  I love them so dearly.  Happy birthday tomorrow, sweet Londa…and then to you on the 26th my dear Lori. You two epitomize the sweetness of life.