On certain days you feel the gravity of the gift of life; of love.  Today is Valentines Day and a little part of me stands at a distance, like a loner on the shore of the ocean, just pausing for a moment to pray for those who feel alone.  It just seems respectful.

Most of me knows that any person with love and life, is forced to their knees, overcome with a heart full of gratitude. So I am also there.  Just so thankful.  I have so much love that it seems unfair, but I in that knowledge, I hope I spend my life passing around this love to all I meet.  “What do you do?”, they ask.  I wish to say, “I’m a love-giver”. Yep, that’s what I want to be.

So, to my darling David.  There are no words for what you are to me. “Valentine” is nice, but just not sufficient~you are my lover, hero, companion, rock, comforter, partner-in-crime, friend, soul-mate, sunshine, smile, heart, hand-holder, thought-provoker, popcorn-maker, breakfast king…and yes, my wonderful Valentine. always and forever!

This is why I can aspire to live my dreams. To know the love of God, to have it loved so clearly through an earthly man~what can I say? So undeserving, but that is the scandalous nature of God.  Why am I surprised?