“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground…”

These words one by one paint it’s own kind of masterpiece, an image of Creator God creating.  It’s always special to see someone “in their element”, loving what they do~writing, singing, painting, organizing, leading…and here we seem to have this image imprinted in our imagination- God doing exactly what God does. God in motion, enthralled and entrenched in both mastery and mystery.  I picture Him kneeling, and working; his hands caked with clay, smiling, enjoying the process.  His hands execute exactly what his mind envisioned. He adds water into the dust, pushing and smoothing to form a likeness.  Maybe the likeness is more about the intrinsically delicate balance of chemicals and enzymes, flesh and blood about to be awakened, but somehow it is a likeness of Himself.

Before this scene in Genesis, He has spoken into existence the very dirt he manipulates to make Adam.  To make us. …Because we were all there in Adam.  It feels strange and beautiful to think that He knew me even then; that in forming Adam, He formed me.  I find myself deeply fascinated with this intimate thought~Him forming me.  With his touch He made me. And then…

“{God} breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” If it were a movie, this is the place where we have our hands over our mouths and begin to cry. It’s the moment we’re all waiting for.  Not mechanical.  Not robotic.  But personal. Alive with love,  with all the possibilities that this entails. This brings about uncertainty, but also the greatest possibility~a forever connection; a relationship.