edisto sunset

some days

most days

we accept what is, rather than imagine what should be

it’s part of survival I guess

easier to coast and drift

but there are those special moments…

when you can’t help but think differently, when…

the snow flurries dance in a particular pattern igniting intrigue and mystery

or the sun catches the tips of the bird’s feathers while in flight, and you are below to watch the masterpiece unfold

the ocean waves reminisce about your life and replays the grandeur back to you

the trees sway under the power of another, uninhibited

and we stop

our thoughts shift so briefly

our senses are heightened

something is released inside

broken open


to dream

to beleive

to roam the once-forgotten back roads

to the places of simplicity and unparalleled beauty

where love is close



when everything is exactly as it should be

and the lyrics of the familiar song plays in your heart

“I’ll be home…if only in my dreams”