When I’m designing a collection I’m writing a story. It’s a story of a woman: her personal adventure. She’s my heroine exploring life with spirit in a world beyond fashion.  That’s the world of Ralph Lauren.” ~Ralph Lauren

I love the imagery he evokes in revealing his vision. In a way, we are all designing a “collection” in life, are we not? We amass to ourselves connections in love and friendship, places and memories.  All of this depicts a little more about us, exposing the depths of who we are at the core. We are writing, weaving, painting, creating a story. It will be as colorful and interesting as we allow it to be.

When my time on earth is over, my masterpiece, the story I leave will tell the most about me.

Like my painting of the sunset, I’m looking for vibrancy and beauty in simplicity. I want to embody the kind of strength that slows down enough to enjoy sunsets and rainbows, clouds and good books, but also does the hard work of pursuing health in body, mind and spirit. It’s called divine ease. It’s living in the calling of your life. Not someone else’s. Yours. What is yours? I’d love to hear.

The longer I live, the more I see the color and images appear.  It’s a wonderful, beautiful life.