October, 8th, at 5:00pm, the clouds gathered for the meeting at the mountain’s foothills. The wind accompanied with gusts and strength, making sure her opinion would be heard.  The windows are open to enjoy the fall afternoon.  And I was enjoying it. It was peaceful, serene and a little chilly. The curtains billowed, the beach shells wind chime sung in the breeze reminding me of summer fun. It’s an odd feeling sometimes, to feel alone, but not alone.  to know something is happening that affects you, but it’s afar off. Half-hidden. Mysterious. Distant.

Maybe a friend or family member needs something at this moment, but I don’t know it yet? I am far from touch or help? I wonder if that’s what these feelings are about? Is this what intuition is? An orchestrated feeling to remind us that some things are not bound by space and time? Maybe we are more present with others in other locations more than we know? Maybe we are truly affected by things far from us because we are connected from within. Maybe there is a spirit gathering, unseen to the natural eye. Not a creepy story of a ghost gathering, but a loving constant of connection;camaraderie; friendship; depth. Something that cannot be denied by facts and physical presence alone.

There are those I love living far from me. Teleporting hasn’t been a viable option yet, but something inside of me wants to believe that physical limits are just that. That there is more. And maybe mind over matter is where it’s at after all.

Or maybe it’s a fall afternoon and melancholy has set in deeply. Maybe I’m just a dreamer.