horse rider


The jewels are given to the rider. With steady hands he secures the small valuables on the back of the horse and mounts. He adjusts his position in the saddle; ready with precision- wrapped reins around his hands, capable and determined. His gaze is on the road and he knows the way. He needs no map.  He’s planned and executed the course already. The destination is clear. He sets off in mid afternoon, galloping steadily. The clouds move quickly, the wind strong and at his back…pushing and propelling him forward, nature approving and assisting. Darkness falls and he rides on, through moonlit trails, howls and noises, his eyes piercing the night, willing the hooves to strike with firmness on the earth underneath. Nothing will stop him. Nothing will stop him. Nothing. Will. Stop. Him. And as the snow begins to fall, his cloak is secured with one hand and then he moves to secure his hat tighter on his head to protect the vital and necessary. He rides and rides, tired but stalwart of mind. The path rises up he finds himself up on the ridge witnessing the morning sun illuminating the path ahead. He smiles because he has arrived on time, just as expected.

The horse, the jewels, the rider…(your path, your intentions, your precious ideas)

THESE are a your thoughts and THIS is the power.