The rocks are stacked like little towers along the hikes and trails.They mark the way, speaking visual encouragement, “You’re on the right track” and “This is the way”. They are called Cairns- a mixture of nature and humanity. The rocks were there already, interesting in their own right. But they were void of architecture, until now. It took a thoughtful human to take time to stack them high for those who would follow. They are little testaments to the fact that we need each other. We long to contribute.

While hiking with surety and strength we might not notice them as often. Or we might notice with a quick glance on our way. But add disorientation, bad weather, loss of strength or lack of confidence and the cairns become little lifelines.

May we embody the spirit of the cairns-Industrious as we use what is at our fingertips to create, and compassion to think of others in the creating. Lifelines.