49 is a perfect number

Maturity mingled with youth

You have a way, you alway have-

Boldness with wisdom and spirit

I look at you and remember that first conversation

Where we knew in the first few sentences that we wanted to know more

27 years later (29 since we met) we have celebrated together

May 15th is your day, but it will always be special to me

Because it’s a day to celebrate you

You are my amazing, thoughtful and courageous man

You inspire me and I’m so very sure that for 49 years

You have inspired every person who has ever had the privilege to know you

You fill the room with goodness; with thoughtful interaction

You commit to tasks with all you have, never leaving a doubt

If something can be done, you will do it

Thank you for all you are

For how you love

For making this world…my world,  perfect