You are a genius. Have you accepted that yet? You possess something extraordinary. Yes, you do! 

#1 Accept that you ARE a genius. How genius is that? Step one, accept you are a genius. 😜

Im so glad you’ve accepted that, BUT it’s not enough for know this factually. It must be acknowledged. This is the collaboration and energy of YOU in union with your design(er). Time (God) never tires and never stops trying to get the right glasses on your face. And when you “see it”… Well, this clarity and acknowledgment leads us to #2. 

#2. Label it. Name it. Say it. Seriously speak out loud,  “I am a genius because ___________”. (Take time to answer this question) 

This ownership/stewardship/honesty/responsibility will immediately guide you and lead you in where to focus, how to dream, what to give this world.  I’m so excited for you. 

And side benefit: The judgment, accusation, second-guessing and scrutiny that previously plagued your inner soul,** (poof) ** GONE. How astonishing that when you are free of the life-stealing voices, you find your own voice is alive and well, ready to speak and give. 

Hey genius,

(yeah I’m talking to YOU!)

You know that crazy, audacious idea, thought or goal that asks for your attention in the dark and quiet,  well, I think you should listen. 

That’s #3. GO. Do it. 

#beautynearme is the genius in you.