I laid the blanket over the old gate to dry. The prairie grass swayed right along with the sunshine soaked cotton being tossed in the wind. Immediately childhood memories danced. Basket, clothes pins, sisters and fresh sheets all emerged in memories.

I remember racing outside after hearing the thunder crack as we tried to hurriedly get the clothes down off of the line before the rain came. I can almost hear the giggling and feel the first drops of rain hit my shoulders as we raced through the back screen door.

I wondered why we did laundry that way. We had a dryer. But as I remember smelling the sunshine and summer breeze when I got under the sheets at night, I think I know the answer. Maybe my Momma knew we not only needed to feel the sunshine on our skin, but we needed to wear sunshine; to smell it in our sheets at night so we might have one more passageway to connect to the beauty of the simplest things. There’s nothing like wearing sunshine, even if you’re grown.