I watched it over and over

The invitation to rest repeated with each crashing wave

Peaceful, powerful, calm, intense

Mesmerizing, hopeful, melancholy and soothing

I watched the motion unfold like my life on display

And something in the “slow motion” version

punctuated my happiness and sadness, making me smile with sad eyes

This is what it means to feel completely- overwhelmed and unashamed

Uninhibited, carefree and bold, I feel it all

I feel pain, exuberance, loneliness and longing

Cheerfulness, hopefulness, anticipation…yet grief

Something precious emerges while something meaningful escapes

I remember and forget, forget and remember

The wheel keeps turning and changing with emotion

And though I grasp with all my might, the water washes the sand I try to hold

My efforts are fierce, worthy and beautifully human

To hold seems both human and divine

Where my clothes are cast away but the mask is worn

perfectly understandable yet nonsensical

My soul seems to be made to linger as long as possible

To dive in deeper to love; deeper than my breath can hold

Where fear cannot touch

And though I’m ready to go, I find I try to stay and surge to find the familiar

The rope I hold is bound to the northern star and even in the depths I know the way

Richness lives in the deep and so I dive deeper and further than ever before



Somehow I surface again and like sunshine rays, I feel the miracles fall

“Why’s” and “how’s” are never uttered because I have this breath

And in the depth within where light cannot reach, I feel warm and glowing

Only this moment tangled in mystery remains vibrant and clear

My salty thankfulness falls freely from my eyes

and mingles with the sea