Dearest little Lennon Jane,

It looks like today will be the day we get to see your sweet face. Knowing you will arrive makes me look around and think about what’s right in the world and what really matters. I want the best for you.

“Love matters”, that’s the phrase that seems to surface as we all wait and watch your momma as she holds you within, readying for both your exit…and entrance. She is such a beautiful soul. I’m so happy to be here to see how my baby welcomes her baby. I remember so clearly welcoming her and here we are, a blink later, love repeated over and over on the wheel of time.

Your daddy loves you so much and he is so patient. He has already supported you in ways you may never know about. He has kind and strong arms, so perfect for holding you. Even now, he is ready to “be there” in every way possible.

Your big brother is waiting. He will probably never have a memory that does not include you. Maybe meeting you will be one of his first memories. You know his voice already. You have heard it all along as the background noise in your growth journey. And when your Momma sings to him, she is also singing to you.

Your “Pops” and I think it’s so miraculous that our hearts keep growing larger and larger, expanding in ways we didn’t know were possible. Your place in our heart is already secure. It’s yours always and forever. And when you are older, whether or not I am still on this earth, this love still remains. That is why I think love matters most. It’s never diminished or destroyed. It stays present beyond time and space.

Though I can’t see it, I can feel glitter in the air. We are ready for your birthday party, little one. Don’t let the glow of dim lights fool you. Parties can happen in dark and quiet places.

Grammy loves you.