I expected 10 days with the sea to leave me satisfied, but like two lovers grasping for just one more moment together, I find myself still longing for the feel of sand and it’s coolness at sunset. I long for one more stroll, one more feeling of warmth on my shoulders, one more taste of the salty air. I long to hear power and peace sing their duet in the core of my being. It’s beautifully familiar.

I walked different beaches on different days and felt both their uniqueness’s and similarities. From Ponte Vedra, Flagler, Daytona, Ponce Inlet, Canaveral National Seashore and some in between, I roamed the northeast coast of Florida. The beaches were like siblings- connected, similar to each other and yet so diverse. They each had their own aura and energy and displayed unique gifts, sometimes with ease, sometimes with violence, depending on the current’s whim. There was something to love about each one.

I think we relate to the beach’s dance displaying peace and fury, knowing that we are also complex, both irrational and methodical combined. We feel safe in this chaotic beauty. Comfortable. We are at rest with ourselves.

10 days with the sea seems like just a beginning.