The Deeper Mark

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“Way more people have tried to help me, than have harmed me, the harm just seems to leave the deeper mark…” ~Daniel, ‘Rectify’

Sometimes the bigger epiphany is not how we have been wronged but how we have been “righted”. We get to choose the focus.

I believe the same is true of love. And love is so generous and expansive. It washes over like a wave, full of force and grace, clearing, while also depositing a gift. Have you been loved? Well then, that is the weight we must carry in our mind, heart, life.

May we choose to let love ‘leave the deeper mark’.

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  1. Too many are “righted” and do not take it into account. They’d rather dwell on the wrongs. Too bad. They are missing the joy of living life to it’s fullest.
    I have even known people who take rights and make wrongs of them.
    How miserable their lives must be!!!
    I wonder sometimes, what wrongs could possibly have happened in their lives that made them so unhappy that they could not even try to overcome their misery. I guess it becomes a pattern in their spirit, a way of life.
    They have no individuality. They envy other’s joy, but can’t find their own, sort of like “keeping up with the Joneses”…. If I have something nice, they have to have one just like it. But it isn’t satisfactory to them.
    That’s a sad life.

    1. thanks for your comment, Judy. You are a thoughtful and thankful soul. Hugs.

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