The evening sun was sinking and a breeze drifting by. She moved a little faster on the warm path that meandered through the dense GA trees toward the creek. She desperately wanted to see the sun’s shimmer on the water at dusk, even if for a moment. The physical effort mirrored her busy mind, wandering this way and that, contemplating the day’s happenings as she scurried. Ideas tossed about, churning like a river running free. But questions nagged. “What if” thoughts followed one by one like soldiers on a mission she couldn’t stop.

Everything on the path was wild and green, with spring blossoms bursting. She rushed around the last bend with arms outstretched running her fingers along the edge of the leaves. She knew how many steps until she would hear the familiar babble of the water. (Deep breath.)  Yes, there it is. She closed her eyes and smiled.

Her sitting spot was worn and waiting as always- inviting, open, and always generous. As she went to sit, a flutter caught her attention. A bluebird perched on the branch along the creek, watching the water with her. She noted the tiny movement. A twitch. A chirp. What was the bird saying? As if on cue the bird’s eyes moved until it found hers. She was sure of it. She thought, ‘Am I chatting with a bluebird’? Today she thought the answer was “yes”. An omen, maybe? She wondered as she watched the bird move toward her on the branch, just slightly nodding before flying up in to the sky toward the faint moon and stars that were emerging.  Such elaborate elegance was worthy of notice. That thought was the one drifting in with ease now. And thoughts that she should “chat with birds” more often.

A little bird made her forget what needed forgetting and remember what needed remembering. One little bird defeated the “what if” soldiers, reminding her that moments are for soaking in wonder, not worry.  Moments have always been about wonder. Little birds know this secret—-little bluebirds flying high. They know how we should feel. Feeling good.