Do you ever feel like you’re in a rut and too many days go by without any “pizzazz” at all? I think it might be a good sign if we can ask and answer that question. And if we answer “yes”, it’s ok. It’s a good sign really. It means we’re intuitive, longing, hopeful, and yes, maybe even a little discouraged. But being discouraged and feeling like we’re “in a rut” means we haven’t given up. We’re on our way out because we’re looking; unsettled.

We’re looking to sway with the tress in the wind,

float like the leaf on a lake,

laugh like the magnolias in bloom,

sparkle like the wind chime hanging in the pecan tree,

breathe and stretch free like the wildflowers,

gracefully belong like the dandelion in the sun,

exude thankfulness like the water’s reflection…

It’s in these small responses and effortless reaction to goodness and beauty that carry us into newness. We don’t have to fight for it. We get on the raft and float into it. We open the window and the fresh air rushes in. Really, feeling like we are in a rut is a reminder- a thump in our heart whispering softly,

“don’t succumb to mindless living. Remember, you were made for more”