SNS Gel nails

I’ve just come from The Nail Salon.

What in the world? I have beautiful “SNS gel nails” now. I can say I am VERY pleased with the results, but the experience? I am a little baffled. I keep thinking, ‘nowhere in society is there a place where people talk ABOUT you, in FRONT of you, like the nail salon. How does this happen? Well, they know how to speak in a special code. You’re there. You hear the sounds, but you have no idea what is said. Giggles ensue, followed by high-pitched laughter. What is a person to think as they feel the side-ways gaze? I wonder if I’ve just been complimented or condemned? I know not.

I walk out with shiny aqua nails. (darling, I do believe). I’m tempted to think I’ve been laughed at, but I raise my head and smile. I choose to think I was complimented. Why not? I’d rather be complimented than condemned. Maybe there’s something more magical about the nail salon than the nails. 😉 hehehe