#lessonsfromtheocean #1

Amidst any chaos, there is always a constant

I know It sounds like a cliche, but I was thinking over the hardships of life and noticing what brings comfort and stability.

It’s an odd feeling because sometimes in the midst of struggle, we feel there should be a collective mourning; a pause of sorts in respect for our brokenness/sadness/discomfort. But in reality it is in the constants that we are gifted the perspective of forward motion and our ability to let time become a friend again. The moon steady in it’s waxing and waning; the sun continuing to shine, well, they force light into our darkness like a sweet momma opening the bedroom curtains waking her children for the day ahead.

I see the waves crashing and the seemingly chaotic toss of the shells to the shore and feel the poetic poignancy- … the chaos itself is a constant.
Amidst the tumble of the shell is also the tide rising in rhythm, the dolphins dancing like clockwork, the birds swooping again in the splendor of expansive baby blue.

I can’t escape the #beautynearme and the way it moves chaos to comfort.