There is so much joy in anticipation.

Every morning at sunrise, there are people walking or running along the shore. Then there are those in hunched positions looking for what was gifted to the shore in darkness.

There is an element of surprise with the tides. It is amazing what has been found along the shore. Not only the treasures of the sea like shells and shark teeth, but also unique intersections of people’s lives, like this message in a bottle.

I heard that it is rare to find a shark tooth on St George Island, and when I heard it I immediately thought “well, rare means it is still possible”. Where there is possibility, there is hope.


Check out this list of unique things found along the shore.

Most of all, the lesson I’m carrying is that it doesn’t take a coastline to spark anticipation. It can be a motto for our every day life, no matter where we live. “I wonder what I will discover today”