Don’t forget that the power beneath your higher calling is subtle.
It’s simple. A smile, a warm hug, a kind thought, a meaningful message, a heartfelt “thank you”, a mindset of contribution & generosity, these are the champions.
Sometimes we’re tempted to believe sheer strength, domination & force is the answer.
But truly, it’s the undercurrent feminine that you can’t see that shapes us. It’s an energy that can’t be forged. It can’t be “bought” or faked. This humble authenticity moves the world like a nursing mother tends to her baby in the wee hours of the morning. There’s no fanfare. No one sees. But it is how the beauty & light of the world dissipates the darkness.
Don’t be disheartened or fooled by the loud voices.
You’re listening for the butterfly’s flutter. 🦋

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