Yep. That’s me skipping along the bridge amidst the redwoods. What a dream come true!
Long post alert🚨
Have you ever looked around and thought “how did I get here”? This happened to me recently and I immediately felt a dejavu…but in such contrast experiences. One question amidst despair and the other gratitude and joy.
You relate as well, right? Because we’ve all been there experiencing the highs and lows..

Skipping through the redwoods

Just a few years ago I was struggling to stay hopeful. My health was failing. I’d gone from diagnosis to diagnosis (#Lyme, #hashimotothyroiddisease, #mastcellactivationsyndrome…). And then awful menopause symptoms. 🤦🏼‍♀️

I was on steroids to keep my body from “reacting” and I didn’t know how to get out of the vortex. I was sure there were puzzle pieces missing from my understanding but I was too tired and overwhelmed to keep “hoping and looking” for solutions.

Every time someone talked about something that helped them, I had a reason why I knew it wouldn’t work for me. My weird system…blah blah blah.I think I was just scared to hope. And that’s when I looked around and thought “how did I get here”?

As I sit here at my computer typing and crying with gratitude for my health. I’m tempted to say I’m a miracle, …and I am, but I know miracles are happening within us ALL, right this very moment. And maybe that’s the biggest change of all. I have a relationship with my body (and mind and spirit) that I didn’t before. The three are interwoven, not separated. I accepted body, mind and spirit are working on my behalf…and it actually matters what I believe is possible. Here’s how it happened…

4 years ago in my desperation I read “You are the Placebo” by Joe Dispenza. (that’s a miracle story for another day). I went to bed praying for guidance and healing. I woke up with a divine call to action. And here is the wisdom and call to action I heard. “You have to change what you believe about your body”. huh? I sat perplexed because that sounded so weird and also simplistic. But I couldn’t shake the call. This started my journey of healing. It was at this moment I accepted the assignment.
It took a year just to “become stable”. Belief- listening, accepting that my whole life was happening FOR me, not TO me. Little by little I was led to solutions that weren’t fads, but rooted in wisdom of the ages, (more about that later). I started to believe that I am designed to heal. I was no longer on steroids. That first year I became more stable but was still struggling.

…but after I read that book, You are the Placebo, my understanding of what is possible, probable & inevitable changed. This opened the next door.
3+ years ago (through my daughter @bethanyjshipley) I was led to the secret garden lifestyle- a whole new approach. I knew plants were good but I had no idea their essence infused in supplements could do such things!

I can’t say I was sure of anything other than the nagging thought “what do I have to lose”? 🙌I began using just 3 things that sparked a change so dynamic that I sit here in bewilderment. It led to door after door of one improvement after the other.

I just needed a little direction. And once I had the energy I could feed that spark of hope.

So, finding myself with that question again, “how did I get here”? makes me smile with awe & gratitude.
I don’t have all of the answers, but I spend my day experiencing health and joy & collaborating on behalf of others, holding the hope torch and swimming in the miraculousness of it. I still have struggles. Don’t we all? But I’m here to listen to you, sit with you, strategize with you for just that one next step. Are you ready?
“You have to change what you believe about your body”.

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