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Sun and Moon Love

If asked to describe the sun, I would talk about her warmth. I would highlight the gracefulness of her movements. I would ramble about the way the sun draws me close every 12 hours or so, to bask, watch and marvel. I would have to point out her predictability and her life-giving power. The plants turn to find her for good reason.

If asked to describe the moon, I would have to close my eyes in contemplation. A moment to ponder might yield some words, but maybe not. The moon seems to understand silence, moods, nuances, glances and innuendos. Words are secondary. The moon has the effervescent glow of stardom wrapped around her shoulders. She knows the value of the present. Her presence in the moment is everything. She has no inhibitions, No reservations. She’s honest. Daring. Humble.

The relationship between the two lights ignites longing. They highlight the possibility in relationships. They cause us to look at one, but at the same time reminded of the other. This essence bears witness that love is confident giving that needs nothing in return; fully fortified with being whole and then emptied. Over and over again.

Is it any wonder we are drawn in consistently to look up and “circle ’round” with the stars, looking and listening for the wisdom of the ages?


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For hours the sun was obscured, but then it was an explosion in the sky. The rays were so bold and far-reaching, inviting me to grab hold and fly. And so I did, spinning round and round on the “merry-go-round-ball-of-fire”. Sometimes life is like an amusement park set in forest’s rich tranquility – both exciting and restful. An invitation is offered.

Exuberance, joy and rest are always on nature’s table. I’m invited to take liberally and experience lavishly. This moment contains specific exquisite treasures. So I take and am filled. I know that in taking I now have something to give.


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You & Me

sunsetjade I soak deeply in the days of light, fun and laughter. Opening my mind and heart to let it fill me is easy. The sunshine rises higher and higher filling me from my feet to the tip top of my head…maybe even beyond, spilling and overflowing like rivers after the torrential rain.

Like a party with music and dancing and feasting, everyone comes. “Welcome, welcome”, I call out. “Come and enjoy …isn’t the light wonderful?”. In these moments…I am swept away with joy, like new love igniting the inner soul. Do you feel this too? Invigorating euphoria gives and gives, never tiring of hungry souls. And I could take and take and take…

It’s not until the source of light is out of sight and clouds have blocked the rays, that I look around. ‘Panic’ may be the more accurate word. How is “IT” gone? Where is everyone? I blinked and suddenly they are down the road, specks of black moving farther and farther away. I scan the horizon and squint more harshly now. How did this happen? I look down and around, my head swirling like I’m fighting for life. And maybe I am. This loneliness feels old and cold. Can anyone hear me? I’m flailing like a newborn. What I FEEL is a need to be rescued.  Someone that has the light must return.

And then some thought is whispered in my ear, gently but firmly saying,”Look.Look! You have everything you need”.  I hear the words in the breeze. Free. Charming. Compelling. But I stand baffled, confused, asking, “where”?

I slowly move my gaze to find the voice and find myself looking within.  My own heart is aglow. Quite frankly, I’m startled at what I see and feel. This was here? In me? Have I been so unaware of “ME“? I’m hugged into glorious light. warmth. bliss. beauty. hope. Here all along, waiting patiently like a warm smile from a knowing friend.

This is gray’s gift to those who will not settle; for the ones that NEED the light like all need air.  I did not know the truth until the gray.

Until there was not, did I look within, to find the gift of ME.

I wander from friend to friend, whispering the words carried to me, “Look Look. You have everything you need. You have the gift of you.”


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A Day at the Sea


The sun peeks over the horizon and the water begins to glow and I begin to feel warmth in my body and soul

The sounds of the seagulls and waves mingle and sing a beautiful duet

I breathe it in… listening, feeling…I close my eyes to receive

Needing it so desperately, I soak in the energy and life like a sponge

And when I begin to feel the abundance of warmth

I walk into the water and feel the cooling refreshment of the sea

I’m on my back floating and drifting with the tide

Eyes to the sky–free, peaceful, smiling

My hair floats around my face and moves and dances with the water and I feel like I’m part of something magical

I drift back to shore like a boat finding it’s way home and  spend a few moments with my hand in the sand, fingers tracing the waterline

I see the intricate details of little shells as the tide foam catches the light, glimmering like little rainbows

I walk and walk along the shore …some might say even aimlessly, because I don’t know where I’m going, but I know it doesn’t matter here

I stop and rest beneath the palm, noticing the strokes of sunset as they float, shift and streak the horizon with splendor

The sailboat glides and the silhouette takes my breath

The perfect day is closing it’s eyes

I lay back on the sand as the stars take the stage. They wink at me because we have this common secret

I know this place of peace is open to all, but only received by some. And I am one.