The sun peeks over the horizon and the water begins to glow and I begin to feel warmth in my body and soul

The sounds of the seagulls and waves mingle and sing a beautiful duet

I breathe it in… listening, feeling…I close my eyes to receive

Needing it so desperately, I soak in the energy and life like a sponge

And when I begin to feel the abundance of warmth

I walk into the water and feel the cooling refreshment of the sea

I’m on my back floating and drifting with the tide

Eyes to the sky–free, peaceful, smiling

My hair floats around my face and moves and dances with the water and I feel like I’m part of something magical

I drift back to shore like a boat finding it’s way home and  spend a few moments with my hand in the sand, fingers tracing the waterline

I see the intricate details of little shells as the tide foam catches the light, glimmering like little rainbows

I walk and walk along the shore …some might say even aimlessly, because I don’t know where I’m going, but I know it doesn’t matter here

I stop and rest beneath the palm, noticing the strokes of sunset as they float, shift and streak the horizon with splendor

The sailboat glides and the silhouette takes my breath

The perfect day is closing it’s eyes

I lay back on the sand as the stars take the stage. They wink at me because we have this common secret

I know this place of peace is open to all, but only received by some. And I am one.