pearlharborPearl Harbor Day. Today is December 7th, the date that will “live in infamy”, as stated by the President of our country in 1941.  This was the day, 74 years ago that Pearl Harbor was bombed. It changed so many lives. There were heroes born that day, and heroes that died that day.

I’ve been thinking that it may not be bombs from the sky but we will all have “Pearl Harbor Days” in our life. We will. There will be forces that attack our being- emotionally, physically, spiritually. And those bombs will change us, shape us, and in some ways, make us. I think it’s important to remember these moments in history as well as these days in our own life, for several reasons. This is the time we will see most clearly what is inside of us. We will rise to meet the needs around us. There will be confirmation of ideals and beliefs. Values will rise to the surface.

Every hero moment comes from within a person who would not have known exactly what he/she would do until presented with the “opportunity”. Of course we all want to think in dire times of need that we will be brave, strong, kind, true. But it’s a guess, until it’s not.

As we remember, may it challenge us to a life filled with hope.

“With confidence in our armed forces – with the unbounding determination of our people – we will gain the inevitable triumph – so help us God.”~Franklin Delano Roosevelt