IMG_3695What is this ache, not in the head, but in the heart? Loneliness? This is not about the number of people around. No, this is something else, this is the strange gift of solitude settling in for a stay. I would like to say I think most people don’t experience this particular ache in life, because I’m a pretty optimistic person and I know solitude doesn’t always bring a pain. But I think at some point we all find ourselves on this lengthy, dusty road- alone, with no map. There is pain to this gain. The sun is shining at the moment, with hills and valleys ahead, but a storm is in the distance, brewing, mirroring what’s within. We’re armed with simplicity, courage, and the will and hope for something we cannot explain. It’s ok if you’re here. I know it doesn’t FEEL ok, but take heart my friend. This is THE rite of passage in really getting to know the gemstone, sparkle, shiny-like-diamond “you”.  It is in this lonely state that you will begin to dig for the ever-present glory you don’t see at the moment. You will begin to see yourself as valuable; to trust yourself like never before. It’s in this freeing, creative place that you will live with not one thought that you should glance over your shoulder to see who’s approving or disapproving, cheering or jeering. When you come to this place, you are left to look into the mirror into the iris of your own eyes. Something special happens here. Or better said, CAN happen here. It’s your chance; where your eyes alone tell the truest, loudest, empowering truth. You’ve never seen or heard like this before. There are no magic beans to fling. No fairy dust to sprinkle. You never needed that anyway. There is only you. Solitary, sitting comfortably in a plush chair, draped in silk, exotic and royal, crowned with a glorious crown you chose to place just perfectly, you smile as you glance at the crackling fire. You are not smiling for someone else, but for yourself