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What is YOUR frequency?

Maybe I’m a nerd at heart. I’m so fascinated (somewhat obsessed) with learning about frequencies. 🌞💫🔥 It all began with my Lyme disease battle and using the RIFE (energy frequencies) treatment that obliterated the Lyme bacteria.
You see, EVERYTHING in the universe is made of energy that vibrates at different frequency levels. Even seemingly solid objects like a rock, a glass, bacteria and even our physical body is now understood by scientists to be made up of constantly moving energy that is organized by waveforms and frequencies. Even further investigation shows that each body system resonates optimally at 55MHz or higher.
The rate of frequency we (or an object) vibrates is called our vibration.The human body resonates at a frequency of 62-78 MHz. The natural state of being is high vibration… But factors like negative thoughts, processed foods, and environmental toxins cause vibration to drop.
Hmmmm, this begs the question, “how can I RAISE my frequency?” And the answer is one you probably already know. It’s laughter, fresh air, prayer & meditation, positive thoughts, being in nature, eating plants, using essential oils from plants. All of these raise frequency. Plants are designed to interact with our bodies to stabilize and support. Essential oils are POWERFUL tools to raise the frequency of our body. 
It’s no wonder I feel a physical energy boost; a balance of emotional support when I put a drop of rose oil on my heart.(And I do it every day).  It’s the highest frequency at 320 MHz! Essential oils balance the body, awaken the mind, and enlighten the spirit! They also create an environment in the body where bacteria, viruses, fungus and diseases cannot survive! It’s the reason I also use supplements infused with the highest quality essential oils. Herbs, vitamins and mineral that are formulated with essential oils are received much easier in the body. Our body knows the plant source. 
I love having options to raise my frequency. Energy begets energy. Essential oils are part of my every day health routine. 
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girl running on the beach

If you were to describe the energy you DESIRE to bring to the world, how would you describe it? If using your senses, what would you say?

I had a clear vision for mine today.

My energy is “bright” and >>>>>LIGHT<<<<

It’s a 75 degree day at the beach. And in my magical energy place, the beach is on one end and I turn to see the Rocky mountains on the other. My energy flows and shifts from full-on “sun of the day” to the painted sunset “sky over the snow-capped peaks” kind of glow.  (This is my dream, so I’m going with it).

My energy is a fast moving sky. Electric…always interesting. It feels like warmth, like skin to skin touch with someone you love. Gentle. Assuring, but inviting you to get up and run along the ocean shore like a child in abandonment to the present moment. 🌻☀✨

This energy is like a wave in the wind, dangling like a dream catcher or a diamond-studded kite string, begging you to believe. 💎

It’s powerful like an ocean wave but then softens to the faint sound of shells colliding as they collect on shore. ⛱ In the distance a wind chime sings and everyone is playing on the shore or rocking in rocking chairs on the back porch having a meaningful chat while taking in the beauty of the sea in one direction and sunset mountains in the other.

This energy is coconut water with a hint of lime. It’s exotic fruit followed by an evening fire and warm drinks.

This energy invites every heart to burst with hope and wholeness with knowledge of being so very loved! 💞

This energy is the scent of “stress away”.  We close our eyes and exhale deeply. Salty air mixed with freshness. It soothes and awakens simultaneously. Then this energy morphs into the “fun” and “family” blend. We take it in as the evening falls.🍈🌴🌈🦋💃💕

…But most of all, this energy welcomes you in a hug and make you smile. 😋

⭐️🔥💡🌊💎 💚

What does your energy look like? Feel like? smell like? Taste like?sound like?

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emotional levitation

Levitation-the action of rising or causing something to rise and hover in the air, typically by means of supposed magical powers.

I’ve been thinking about emotional levitation; an energy hovering. I know people who seem to levitate emotionally. They walk among the earth, dust and dirt swirling with their movement. They even end up with dirt on their shoes like everyone else, but in moments of decision about how to interact with others; how to love;  how to “be”, they rise above the familiar terra firma like a hovering spirit over the newly departed soul, and they levitate.

Stillness in the current is a rare gem. Movement with stability is most uncommon in this place. But we see it in nature. The growth of a plant. The serenity of moving waters. We know it when we see/feel it.

I find these people alluring, magical, hopeful and inviting. These rare souls teach us that even while we are “sold” more often than “sought after” for relationship and enrichment, not everything is about the here and now. Sometimes it is about releasing ourselves to a realm of possibility. Sometimes the “here and now” instead,  invites us lo a “here but higher” perspective, where our minds don’t grapple for understanding but instead relish in a deep-seated trust.

For the concrete mind, this is a difficult one. This is a heartbeat, not a heart. It’s an intuition, not a math equation. Emotional levitators defy quietly with an unassuming smile.

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Because I miss you


Because I miss you, I’ve been thinking about the power and aura of a person. Yes, the physical presence is so much the focus on this earth, but there is so much more.

The ENERGY of the SOUL looms so much larger than the body

and just the power of the THOUGHT of you amazes me.

This boggles my mind. Our feet touched the earth together. Our lungs breathed this air. Our beating hearts have kept this earthly pace. We feel the power of what we’ve experienced together, but then there’s this: something else lives on and is carried by each of us.

I believe there’s more to “US” than shared space.  

Absence teaches, I guess. It drills down deep. Yes, your physical presence is missing from my physical world. But do not be mistaken.

You are not missing from me.


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“Slipping off” your nutritional plan?


Do you find yourself after the summer fun, looking and feeling a little more mushy, a little more fluffy?  Slipping off of your nutritional plan is quite common in busy seasons, stressful season, etc. But do you know what I am celebrating? I’m celebrating the Nutritional Plan. Yep, If you have one, you should celebrate too!!!!

A nutritional plan is your lifestyle routine of what you know works for you in staying healthy. It’s not an on-again, off-again diet. Nope. No dieting. There’s a BIG difference in a diet and a nutritional plan. Diets are restrictive, unbalances, deprivation-based. A nutritional plan is all about giving your body exactly what it needs, reawakening that energy you thought you’d never see again. Wooohoooooo! That’s a lifestyle I can get excited about.

I’m utilizing the best vegan protein on the planet while doing an occasional cellular cleanse. I’m “slipping back on”so I can make this fluff a little more muscular!

You can do it too. Celebrate your PLAN. If you don’t have one, let’s get you one.

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Best Case Scenario


creativityDo you find yourself mulling over events, interactions, feelings and thoughts and wonder how it will work out? We all do this to some extent. We want to “figure it out”. We are “fixers”. I wonder if when the little thought bubbles up, what would happen if we create a beautiful vision in our minds of the very BEST CASE SCENARIO?

He will say _______. I will feel ______. They will call and offer _______. I will find the perfect ________. My spouse will ______. My child knows_____. I will always ______. (fill in the blanks with the best possible answer you can think of. Think the very best case scenario. Accept it. Smile.).

Honestly, I think this is what the mental, emotional, spiritual creativity fight is all about. It’s really not as much about the struggle, but how we envision the outcome/solution. Our imagination is our worst enemy or our best friend.

I know you’re probably asking “but what if I envision the BEST CASE SCENARIO and it does NOT happen that way”? I’m so glad you asked. Because you don’t have control over all of those situations, do you? They involve complexity, other people, questions,…

But be honest. Between the time your struggle bubble thought entered your mind to the eventual outcome, how much more energy did you enjoy because you envisioned the BEST and not the worst?  🙂  Yeah, I know. Me too. I want my mind, body and spirit to live in best case scenario land. It’s such a nicer place.

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A Day at the Sea


The sun peeks over the horizon and the water begins to glow and I begin to feel warmth in my body and soul

The sounds of the seagulls and waves mingle and sing a beautiful duet

I breathe it in… listening, feeling…I close my eyes to receive

Needing it so desperately, I soak in the energy and life like a sponge

And when I begin to feel the abundance of warmth

I walk into the water and feel the cooling refreshment of the sea

I’m on my back floating and drifting with the tide

Eyes to the sky–free, peaceful, smiling

My hair floats around my face and moves and dances with the water and I feel like I’m part of something magical

I drift back to shore like a boat finding it’s way home and  spend a few moments with my hand in the sand, fingers tracing the waterline

I see the intricate details of little shells as the tide foam catches the light, glimmering like little rainbows

I walk and walk along the shore …some might say even aimlessly, because I don’t know where I’m going, but I know it doesn’t matter here

I stop and rest beneath the palm, noticing the strokes of sunset as they float, shift and streak the horizon with splendor

The sailboat glides and the silhouette takes my breath

The perfect day is closing it’s eyes

I lay back on the sand as the stars take the stage. They wink at me because we have this common secret

I know this place of peace is open to all, but only received by some. And I am one.