Do you find yourself after the summer fun, looking and feeling a little more mushy, a little more fluffy?  Slipping off of your nutritional plan is quite common in busy seasons, stressful season, etc. But do you know what I am celebrating? I’m celebrating the Nutritional Plan. Yep, If you have one, you should celebrate too!!!!

A nutritional plan is your lifestyle routine of what you know works for you in staying healthy. It’s not an on-again, off-again diet. Nope. No dieting. There’s a BIG difference in a diet and a nutritional plan. Diets are restrictive, unbalances, deprivation-based. A nutritional plan is all about giving your body exactly what it needs, reawakening that energy you thought you’d never see again. Wooohoooooo! That’s a lifestyle I can get excited about.

I’m utilizing the best vegan protein on the planet while doing an occasional cellular cleanse. I’m “slipping back on”so I can make this fluff a little more muscular!

You can do it too. Celebrate your PLAN. If you don’t have one, let’s get you one.