creativityDo you find yourself mulling over events, interactions, feelings and thoughts and wonder how it will work out? We all do this to some extent. We want to “figure it out”. We are “fixers”. I wonder if when the little thought bubbles up, what would happen if we create a beautiful vision in our minds of the very BEST CASE SCENARIO?

He will say _______. I will feel ______. They will call and offer _______. I will find the perfect ________. My spouse will ______. My child knows_____. I will always ______. (fill in the blanks with the best possible answer you can think of. Think the very best case scenario. Accept it. Smile.).

Honestly, I think this is what the mental, emotional, spiritual creativity fight is all about. It’s really not as much about the struggle, but how we envision the outcome/solution. Our imagination is our worst enemy or our best friend.

I know you’re probably asking “but what if I envision the BEST CASE SCENARIO and it does NOT happen that way”? I’m so glad you asked. Because you don’t have control over all of those situations, do you? They involve complexity, other people, questions,…

But be honest. Between the time your struggle bubble thought entered your mind to the eventual outcome, how much more energy did you enjoy because you envisioned the BEST and not the worst?  🙂  Yeah, I know. Me too. I want my mind, body and spirit to live in best case scenario land. It’s such a nicer place.