blank paper

I erase the words almost as quickly as I pen them.

The color of my heart not quite represented

in the strokes of black and white.

I read it again and shake my head in silent disapproval.

Write, re-read, erase and try again.

I sit and wait with the shore anticipating the wave.

Even the sand is clean and smooth and ready-

watching, waiting, brave, silent,

expectant right along with me.

Words will come,

with power and gentleness combined

and I mumble this to myself as I scribble in the sand.

My feet are firmly planted with patient roots-

more aware, more real, more connected and centered.

Because words are always there, even when on the “tip of my tongue”

they are never absent, just briefly obscured.

Patience and confidence are my friends tonight.

It’s for the love of YOU that I continue to try.

I know what is within me, but do you?

Little smiles, winks and kisses, they only reveal a smidge-

miniscule indicators of the real.

The best is down beneath, buried, safe,

unearthed only with hands of determination.

As time comes and goes behind us and before us

taunting us like a long, winding road to exotic lands,

we see it all with no fear in our eyes.

For all is safe.

You are safe with me.

The mystery remains and it is sure to stay

while I wait for words.