Levitation-the action of rising or causing something to rise and hover in the air, typically by means of supposed magical powers.

I’ve been thinking about emotional levitation; an energy hovering. I know people who seem to levitate emotionally. They walk among the earth, dust and dirt swirling with their movement. They even end up with dirt on their shoes like everyone else, but in moments of decision about how to interact with others; how to love;  how to “be”, they rise above the familiar terra firma like a hovering spirit over the newly departed soul, and they levitate.

Stillness in the current is a rare gem. Movement with stability is most uncommon in this place. But we see it in nature. The growth of a plant. The serenity of moving waters. We know it when we see/feel it.

I find these people alluring, magical, hopeful and inviting. These rare souls teach us that even while we are “sold” more often than “sought after” for relationship and enrichment, not everything is about the here and now. Sometimes it is about releasing ourselves to a realm of possibility. Sometimes the “here and now” instead,  invites us lo a “here but higher” perspective, where our minds don’t grapple for understanding but instead relish in a deep-seated trust.

For the concrete mind, this is a difficult one. This is a heartbeat, not a heart. It’s an intuition, not a math equation. Emotional levitators defy quietly with an unassuming smile.