davidWhen do you choose to speak the words that are in your heart ?  The words that are imbedded seeds just beginning to sprout?  Maybe voicing thoughts are the sunshine and water needed to bring the bloom? But we sometimes question timing, don’t we? We pause, just long enough to miss the open door. We think it through and hear the creaking of the door as it closes.

Have you ever watched the spark fly up from the bonfire? There is this magic moment when it’s bright and hot, ready and … then fleeting. So much like words, don’t you think?

He didn’t wait for a quiet, intimate, sunny moment to word-blossom. He let it out in the cold and wind. He spoke when words were stuck in his throat- clunky and rasp-whispered; when he still had questions.

When his thoughts were “I appreciate you, your laugh, your optimism”, he spoke.

When he looked at her and thought “I imagine you could feel down about this day not going as planned, but I see you are trying…You are so strong”, he let the words breathe fresh air.

When in the morning light he thought “You are my angel and I will always take care of you” and he thought ‘maybe this is what she needs to hear’, and he whispered it, he was right.

That’s exactly what she needed.