SunshineHave you ever claimed a “word” for the year? I have. In the past I can see how the word has shaped my mind and pursuits for the year. This year, my word is ABUNDANCE.  Automatically, people tend to think of that word in relationship to money. And there is validity there. But, wow, there is much depth in this word. For me? I see this as more of a mindset of what IS already. I have to make the leap into the boat and set my sails. At the core of my being, my passions are already funded. It’s a reality. I am whole, I am not lacking—emotionally, physically, spiritually. It’s a coming-into- the-truth moment. A wading in, where the water is deep and the depths hold so much mystery. It’s my journey into more TRUTH.

My biggest hurdle is me. Can you relate? Can you see how you self-sabotage? How you second-guess yourself? How you want to go, but the shore holds so much security? Yes, I feel that comfort too. But the adventure isn’t here. I’m jumping over the “me” hurdle once again. Yes, jumping with gusto to new places full of sustained peace, joy….and ABUNDANCE.

Once again, I’m holding hands with thankfulness and dreaming. Abundance is my new word.