While emailing a freind today I had a few thoughts about “Transition”. 

“Transition” and I are really good friends 😉 It didn’t start out that way.  Actually, when the doorbell rang, I had no intention of even answering the door.  He was a stranger (and we all know that we should stay away from the unfamiliar, right?)  But I had to answer the door eventually, or I would be trapped in my own home. “Change” had already come and we needed to get milk for cereal, so I had to venture out.  “Transition” gave his spiel…and somewhere in there I actually felt like I needed what he had to offer.  “Change” liked him too, and I thought that was strange. He’s rarely that friendly at first.  It started with “Transition” saying that he needed me, but then in the end, it was me needing him.  Weird, huh? The most becoming quality about him was that when I allowed him to visit, he ‘right up front’ assured me that he would not over-stay his welcome.  That made me feel a little better. I forgot to tell you, that when I opened the door, a huge burst of fresh spring air burst right in; It almost took my breath away, it was so strong, yet so invigorating.  The house air was so stale.  I didn’t even realize it until I breathed so deeply at the open door.  In that burst of air, “fear-fly” tried to make an entrance, so beware; he taints everything.  Such a pesky little thing.  Fear-fly is so small, but you wouldn’t believe the damage!  He makes you want to keep everything closed up.  That’s how the house became so stale.  I didn’t mean for it to get that way.  I was just trying to avoid a problem.  But I really needed the air that “Transition” brought me (just like I needed the sunlight that “Change” brought) and I’ve found a really good swatter for fear-fly.  It’s called perfect-love.  If you get that, fear-fly won’t even try to get in.  Look, I know strangers are scary, but sometimes they do have just what you need.  You have to be discerning.  Don’t throw them all out just because of one bad one.  There have been rumors about “Change” too, but let me tell you, just like “Transition”, he will  be a true friend in the end. Just when I was really ready for “Transition” to go (so I could entertain “Normal”-he would stay forever if I let him), I realized how much I needed Transition around. He has become my friend.  He made me laugh and cry at the craziest things and for no reason at all.  He allowed me the freedom and courage to explore. He took me to places that I would have never gone alone.  He seemed and looked so mean at first.  He was so very demanding; making me accompany him on these excursions (even in bad weather).  I was so tired and cranky.  I thought that he was being so selfish. But at the end of the hike, he stopped me from looking down and asked that I take a look around me. I looked up and saw the most beautiful place.  How did he even know this was here?  Why hasn’t anyone told me about it before?  Can I come again and bring others with me?   I will never forget that place.  “Transition” left a few weeks ago and “Normal” has been my only guest, but I think he’s leaving today.  I hope “Transition” comes back soon.  He usually comes right after “Change”.  They might be on the way right now.    I better start getting my hiking shoes on…and this time I’m bringing a camera!