It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged…my excuse list is long 🙂  To be honest, many days of this past month have been filled with fear, discouragement and questions.  I feel like I’ve been in a battle (spiritually speaking).  Isn’t it so much easier to be positive and “trust God”  when everything is going like we want it to go?  We have had some setbacks in “our plan”.  Our motorcoach still hasn’t sold.  We have had sickness.  Our renters in FL are moving back to OH.  Davids job (which we arethankful for) is commission and not yet at full potential.  I have to admit, last week was rough.  I had just dropped Bethany to her volleyball practice and heading home, when all of a sudden at my green light, a man ran into me on the front left of our van.  His light was red, but he didn’t see it.  I was rattled and shaking and assessing damage.  In some ways, from a human standpoint you would think it would have nailed the coffin shut on discouragemnet.  I mean, what bad timing.  But actually, it was an unbelievable reminder.  I wasn’t concerned about our financial troubles.  I was instantly thankful for life; thankful to be.  I’ve been so blessed!   The people in my life amaze me.  I get email reminders from my family about their love for me and know they pray for me.  I received an unexpected email from a friend in CT.  I had a long talk with my sweet mom today and then a phone all from a dear friend in PA.  Each person I encoutner each day has encouraged me.  I was in the chiropractors office yesterday with my family.  The receptionist said “I can’t believe how rich you are”.  She wasn’t talking money.  I knew what she meant and I am starting to understand it more than ever.  I am rich.  Rich in Christ; Rich in life. I have an awesome husband and family.  I have true friends that pray for me. I have no right to complaints. I’m trusting God to take care of the green stuff we call money.  It’s all his anyway. The bills are still there, but then again, so is my, awesome big God!