I must admit, I am in the bed; computer on my lap; and I’m crying.  I’m crying because I feel overwhelmed; overwhelmed with Gods blessing.  I have been sick for a few months now and it has opened my eyes to so many good things.  My church family has been so supportive to me and to the rest of my family.  It hasn’t been easy for my dear husband and children to do it all (especially the “mom” stuff), but I’ve see them succeed.  (read Bethany’s blog on morale).  My mom and dad came from FL this week and spoiled us all to death.  If you’ve ever had my moms cooking, you’ll know why my family is in “meal mourning” now that they are gone.  My sisters are awesome.  My family and friends are awesome…so you see why I’m overwhelmed with tears of joy.  The body of Christ is so much more beautiful than I thought it was.  I have had many glimpes over the years, yet somehow it is so much clearer when your are experencing the body rather than trying to see what part you play in it.  Does that make sense?  I have been needy and the love and support that I have experienced is exquisitely divine.  I guess it took being in this place of need to see it.

In this physical valley  I am experiencing, I am not ashamed to ask for help or support.  I need prayer.  I need Gods help and He is ever faithful.  I am focusing on that as I have more tests this week.  Tears of joy can be experienced at any time, not just on the “feel good days”.  I am asking God to keep me tender so I can continue to cry for joy.  Blessings this week as we focus on the goodness of God!