Sometimes the hand of God is so visually evident and so “experiential”.  It reminds me of  the ocean.  To be at  the ocean and to experience it in all of it’s glory is to feel the wind, taste the saltiness, and hear the mighty rushing roar of the waters.  I love that.  You can close your eyes and know exactly where you are.  There is no guessing.  In the same way, we are sometimes so blessed and overtaken with all of the awesomeness of God; all of our senses are involved in knowing Him and experiencing Him. 

Then there are other times.  He is no less involved in our lives, but our earthly senses are limited.  It may be dark, cold and quiet.  We glimpse only a shadow; just enough to cause us to believe that He may be there.  Shadows are illusive and quite questionable.  Did I really see a shadow?  I think so.  The dart of doubt flies.  Oh, those horrible darts.  They are only squelched with the shield of faith and I can’t even see what I’m doing.  How can I use this shield? I only know to hold the shield out in front of me…by faith!  Even having that piece of equipment was a gift from God.  He’s so good. 

I have seen Him in the shadow and I’ve doubted.  I picture Gods saddened face.  He is not sad for himself, but sad for me and my missed opportunity to fellowship with Him in this way; to trust Him at a deeper level.  If I don’t believe He was there, I sure won’t give Him the glory. Our relationship is shortened unnecessarily.  I have made him seem smaller, not bigger.  I know there will always be the “faithless” because  shadows are easy to explain away.  But there will also be the opportunity to live “faithful”.  The ones who will see the shadow and undoubtedly know that there is light close by.  God is near.  He has not left us.  He sees me in the darkness.  My prayer today:  Lord, I want to see you in the shadows of life.  You are all in all.  My trust in you is not limited by my earthly senses.  You want me to know you in the shadows, in the quietness.  I long for my faith to be full because of who you are! 

 The last part of John 20:29  Jesus says…”blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed”.   He was speaking of Thomas seeing Jeusus physically. I think God is calling us who are not standing at the ocean, to still believe and trust; to know that there has to be light to cast a shadow.