jordan sr pic 3

It’s Saturday.  I’ve had a moment to breathe (and do some house-work) and think about the last few weeks.  My little baby boy (ok…he’s not a baby, he’s 17), but he graduated from high school this past weekend.   So many emotions are involved in this celebration.  It’s been like being on a boat in the sea, heading in one direction for so long, just enjoying the ride, when all of a sudden the boat turns in a completely different direction; the view changes completely.  I have been very comfortable seeing the water, enjoying the wind, laughing and playing with my family beside me.  When the boat turned directions, it was an adjustment because now I’m seeing a new scene in front of me.  The sentimental part of me wants to turn the boat back around to what I am familiar with, but there is a knowing inside of me that even if we made that happen, that it would not look the same now.   The boat was supposed to turn.  I sense that my son will be charting his own boat soon.  I knew this was the plan from the beginning, but it sure did seem like a quick ride together.  I see ahead of me, an ocean bigger than I imagined, full of beautiful sunsets and adventure.  In the distance, I can also see clouds.  There may be storms.  I’m tempted to worry.   As I look over at Jordan, I see that he’s strong, full of life and faith; very capable to handle his own boat.  It’s only the eyes that resemble the baby in my memory.  I know he has and will learn from every minute. He has been given strength to manage any storm.  I know this because I know the God that made him for this journey.  He’s promised not to give him any more than he can handle.  As a mother, I’m so grateful for that.  It is hard to imagine my child in a storm.  I must picture him as the man God made him to be.  I guess that this is also a chance for me, to once again, TRUST.  He’s headed for territory designed by the master of the sea.  How awesome is that!

I love Jordan.  He’s a thinker.  He asks questions.  He’s quite complex.  What you see in him is real.  He doesn’t throw words out mindlessly.  He  initiates adventure.  He’s loyal.  His commitments are thoughtfully considered.  If you are fortunate to have him for a friend, you are blessed.  He loves music and writes from his heart. I honor and respct him.  Congradulations, my “baby” boy!