Have you ever felt trapped by circumstances beyond your control?  I’m guessing everyone would say “yes” to that question.  Why is it then, when we are faced with that kind of situation in our lives that we sometimes feel alone?  Maybe this is a tool of the enemy to distract us from seeking the truth that we can learn in this place.

I’m thinking about Esther today.  She was “trapped” in every sense of the word; defined by someone else outwardly (part of a captive group where she had no choice-either become part of harem-or win the contest and become queen; neither choice was up to her)   She had even been given a different name.  Was she frustrated, fearful, angry? At one point we see her facing the reality that things were not going so well…the king hadn’t called for her in thirty days (rejection) and she may lose her life going before the king not summoned. Her uncle presented the idea that Esther may be in the palace “for such a time as this”  to save the Jewish people.  She could have reacted many ways… like not caring for anyone but herself…calculating the risks… becoming self-absorbed in self-pity…but instead she accepted the option that presented hope to others.  She accepted the possibility of her death and reached out to all of the jews to fast and pray.  She essentially reached out for true help; help from God.

Not to be a huge rain cloud on a beautiful sunny day, but there are some realities to the story of Esther that can be missed.  We rightly rejoice in the salvation of Esther’s life, and marvel that one woman helped save the Jewish people and celebrate in the sheer triumph over evil, but do we ever consider the person of Esther as an individual?  She was still left in a place not of her choosing.  The hopes and dreams she had as child are only memories in her mind.  Was she sad?  I don’t think so.  I think she accepted her life designed by God and purposeful.  To accept this, she had to let go.  I think that this may be the secret to living beyond circumstances that you can’t control, to live victorious in them.  There are no circumstances that are not controlled; they are just not controlled by us 🙂  I need this reminder as I see what freedom I have…what can and cannot be chosen for me.  Circumstances I can NOT control.  My attitude and acceptance, I CAN control.  There is freedom in that.  Being trapped in God’s freedom, I can live with that.  Agree?