The jury heard the “evidence” of twisted truth and blame

To believe that God is real, is kin to fairy tales and games

Is that all?  Is there more?  Can the defense present a word?

Disappointment wafts through the room- Fear is felt;almost heard

But with walking cane and blinded eyes, Faith takes the witness seat

Articulating brilliant scenes of things hoped for; never seen

As his words washed through their minds, Hope began to chant

Hurt and doubt slither away, truth swells with confidence

But the back door to the courtroom presents a gruesome scene

As Love begins to walk the isle, gasping breath and bleeding

The prosecutor smiles with pride, no jury believes a dead man

But before their eyes, Love’s wounds are healed…

by the Great I AM

Deliberation, swift and sweet, the judge nods in finality

The foreman speaks out loud and clear “We find God, not guilty”

And almost inaudible, a trio begins to hum

The beautiful melodic Faith, Hope and Love