The sunny cheerful cloudless sky

Hides the coming genocide

As villagers in South Sudan

Face terror in their war-torn land

Is there hope?

Is there hope in this?

The pitter pat of children’s feet

Once beautiful, now bittersweet

Alone and running for their life

No mother to calm her baby’s cry

Is there hope?

Where is the hope in this?

Through jungle nights where animals sing

Some carried up in angel’s wings

Then days of desert, hot and thirsty

So many falling, dying dreams

Infested river; heavy choices-swim or bullet riverbed?

No promise sure as water turns from rapids white to crimson red

Where is Hope?  Where is Hope?

Where is hope in all of this?

Refugees they have been called,

“The Lost boys of Sudan”

Like scattered dandelions blown

Left in the swirling winds to roam

Though years and ocean separate

The memories better kept erased

True honor found the man who wields

Forgiveness as his sword and shield

Here lives hope.  Here lives hope

There is hope in this

How proud this lost boy’s mom would be

As he spreads hope through humanity

Hope lives in him

Hope lives…

In the forgiveness he gives.