When presented with a difficulty in life, it is very easy to get on a pendulum swing and lose balance.  When faced with challenges, how in the world can one respond with steady confidence?  We know the answer.  The Bible says it all, so what is the problem?  I find myself justifying  pendulum swinging as right and understandable, like that should even be a consideration.  It’s really not. The real question is a spiritual one, but I seem to be blinded by the headlights of a problem that needs fixing NOW.  A pendulum swing is my response and has many names; names like worry, manipulation, self-reliance, pride-basically all things motivated in the flesh.  The reason I seem to rely on these tactics is in response to the problem.  Once the justification begins, it’s all downhill.  For example, scripture is clear that I should not worry about finances, but I do.  I justify and say “I am supposed to be responsible, right?”  “Am I not called to be a good steward?”  Can you hear the justifying begin?  Oh, it’s really ugly.  I used a little truth as a justification to worry.  I could argue my point and win in some courts, but not in the court of God.  Am I saying we should throw caution to the wind?  Absolutely not.  I AM saying that the discipline of keeping balance includes trust in a sovereign God, not my flesh scheming.  It’s easy to be deceived. I can spend hours reading a book to learn how to better manage finances and this pursuit could be right or wrong depending on my heart attitude, my motivation.  Am I listening to the Spirit’s leading?  Or am I responding in fear and frustration in the flesh?

Once again, I open my hands, symbolizing my heart of willingness to walk the beautiful road I’m called to walk.  This road is made of just the right mixture of faith in God and the personal responsibility he asks of me.  There are no swings, just a steady path where I can follow my leader, God.