I saw this humorous video.  I added the link above, so you can watch as well.  It’s a look at how we view our prayer time.  I wish it didn’t relate, but I think it does.  We tend to focus on our “want list” .  I know God wants to hear my desires, but isn’t this a conversation?  Isn’t this a two-way street?  Don’t I want to hear from Him?  I couldn’t help but put my ideas down about how this could play out.

As I sit across the table just like every other day

I take my “want list” out and begin to “pray”

I notice you are silent, but lately that’s just how it’s been

I wonder if this “ritual” is even worth it in the end

But then you push your chair in closer and in your eyes I clearly see

All along you wanted friendship, not formality

You take my “want list” from me and give me yours instead

A load that I can carry, a place to rest my head.

I’ve needed more…I’ve needed you

I’ve needed less of what I want and more of truth

So I’m laying my list down

Kneeling on your sovereign ground

Waiting for a word that you might say

Humbled you even met with me today

I’m waiting, listening, humbled…by you today