The breathtaking scenery before my eyes causes me to wonder.  When God spoke the world into existence, did he then touch these places that I love with His hand?  Is that why I am drawn to the beauty? Did he form the moon with His fingers and spin it just for fun?  Did he touch each grain of sand and know how I would relish the feeling under my feet?  Did he put his thunderous voice into the oceans roar and know that I would hear Him as the waves hit the shore, but also hear him in the quiet music of the tiny shells colliding, the sound of tinkling bells? Maybe that’s the angels music. I can’t help but wonder.  When he carved the mountains, did he know that their height and grandeur would be a continual reminder of His majesty?  That it would cause me to want to know Him even more?  And then to see the last light of the day slip so beautifully away…did He know it would make me anticipate tomorrow?  That it would give me strength for the night and hope for the sunrise of the morning?  Maybe He did these things.  Even in the darkness, the stars seem to wink a promise into my soul. I wonder.