Jacob is 16 today. I can’t believe it.  All moms feel this way, I think.  I am so proud of him.  Jacob is a unique person with such a great spirit.  He is the middle child and I see him as such an equalizer in the family, but I know he will also carry this trait into every situation in life.  He makes me laugh but also think.  He raises good questions.  If you ever get to be around Jake, the first thing you will notice is that you are comfortable.  He is the guy you’d like to be around all day.  He is fun, but also very thoughtful.  I feel so blessed to be his mom.  We’ve had a lot of changes this year, and Jake has been such an equalizer.  He stabilizes the situation with humor or thought, whichever is needed.  I hope he knows what great strength he carries. Happy 16th Birthday  Jake!  I love you, mom