I was reading a blog this morning  http://kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com/ Thanks to Sarah Totta for sharing it on FB.  I was really provoked to think about the grace of God (again), what it means, what it looks like…I’m sure it can never be exhausted.  That’s when it hit me.  Have you ever heard the statistics about how much of our brain we actually use?  It’s been an ongoing question.  While we may only use a small portion at a time, or maybe never tap into our “full potential”, isn’t it something that different parts of our brain fire off at different times, for different reasons?  Ok, now you are wondering what in the world this has to do with the grace of God.  Bear with me.  I guess I’m wondering…maybe GRACE is so diverse that it  is unable to be measured from without or even understood  from within. Maybe it fires off at a rate so fast and so intricate that we can’t keep up. We may even take it for granted. Even as the one experiencing grace, it’s almost unexplainable.  That is part of the mystery that draws us to those who display it so beautifully.  When we see joy in the midst of trouble, the miracle of grace is underneath it all.  I feel like maybe the God behind the grace doesn’t get enough credit.  Maybe having grace is not about being a strong person, having  grit and stamina, having all the answers.  Maybe it’s quite the opposite.  Maybe it is those with humility, feeling desperate, knowing need, calling on the God of grace, who are able to then accept His gift.  If we don’t accept it, maybe it’s because we don’t really want it.  Maybe we’re more comfortable in our pride and complaints.  Other people really understand complaints and even expect that. Accepting grace may mean looking a little different, it may mean being misunderstood. It may make others feel guilty…(just thinking out loud).

Maybe the untapped grace is much like our brain.  It’s incomprehensible.  We shy away from displaying through our lives, a part of God that is miraculous.  It IS the miracle of today-this gift of grace from God…passed on to one man…to be given to another.  I know I feel something I can’t explain, when I see someone with disappointments and pain, expecting to hear complaints or bitterness…but in surprise, I receive a smile revealing inner joy. Wow, this is the mystery of grace.