I leafed through my writings from that terrible day, noticing the tear-stained pages, and the blur of words I scribbled from my heart.  That day I will never forget, the day our lives were defined by wrong choices.  I still mourn, but thankfully, there is more. I must tell the rest of my story, our story.  I write not only for myself, but for my children and their children; to give them hope in this place. Little did I know how quickly death would find us.  We are all on the way to death now, but then again, I knew this from the very day my eyes were opened to Evil.  I’ve borne precious children, many children and I’ve also mourned the death of my precious second-born son, Abel.  He was beautiful in spirit, so teachable and humble, hard-working and thoughtful.  You see, the lessons learned in paradise, I have tried to teach my children.  Abel believed.  He heard my words. I know it’s difficult because my children know nothing but the work of the field, the hunt and pursuit.  I knew a different life in our paradise and have shared the truth with them…that our God can be trusted, that He loved us and desired our conversations.  I lost Cain for a time, for, you see, it was by his hand that Abel found death.  Cain’s strength unfortunately paved the way for his pride and arrogance; planted seeds of jealousy.  He pays such a price, even now for his anger. He lives in punishment, banishment, and is marked for life; so much like what I have lived and experienced.  My heart aches for him and also because of him.  But there is good news to share today. Let’s talk of these good things.  It is a time of celebration, a celebration of redemption.  You see, when Cain left, he was sent to the east side of Eden, the place of THE tree.  I wailed at the sight of his leaving, but it was there in the east that he saw the truth with his own eyes.  What was once a fantasy story told by his mother, is now reality, a truth he knows and most importantly, lives.  He sees THE tree of life.  It is a reminder of my words, of Gods truth. He was able to send word this very day that he has built a city; a beautiful city that bears the name of his son, Enoch. I’ve cried such tears of joy…this is a reminder in my heart of what God has done for us.  There is something so very special about Enoch.  In many ways, his tenderness reminds me of Abel, yet he has the strength of his father…a perfect combination, this strength and humility.  Though life was altered for us all, I feel loved.  God has not revealed HOW, but I believe He has a plan.  Is it too much to hope? In his commands to us, I feel direction and purpose.  I don’t want to doubt His love again.

I feel His love knowing that He protects THE tree of life.  It is protected FOR US.  I doubted Him and didn’t understand at first. But now I know, I see.  We don’t want to live forever like this, especially after knowing what paradise is like. He’s protecting eternity.  This gives me hope and I’m listening to His instruction. I feel redemption is coming…maybe even paradise can be found again?  I think back on the walks and talks with Creator God.  Something about Enoch reminds me of these walks.  Could it be that God is walking among us again?  Yes, I lost my Abel, and in losing Abel, I lost Cain too.  But Cain believes now.  He believes.  He has passed the words of truth to his son Enoch.  There is hope for us.

I’m sure I will be remembered for my failure, but I hope the rest of my life will be defined by the hope of redemption that I share this day.