The drive along the mountain road was perfect…windows rolled down, sun shining, and music playing. The sky was brilliant blue with puffy white clouds, making an interesting sky, as well as an occasional bird flying overhead. It just made me wonder where they flew from and where were they going? Did they even know? The snowcapped mountains could be seen in the distance, a stark contrast from the green grass and jagged red rocks. It was all so beautiful and brilliant. It represented what I felt in my soul-peace, joy and wonder. Once we reached our destination, we breathed in the mountain air and enjoyed our walk through meadows, trees and then to the mountains foothill. We climbed and climbed on the rocks, each step taking us higher. The higher we got the more driftwood and gnarled trees we saw. We stopped occasionally to look up and see our goal destination-we could do this! Breathing hard, yet invigorated by the climb, we made it to the peak. One word-Breathtaking! To the left, we saw more snowcaps and down below a beautiful ranch with meadows and trails. We heard and saw horses as they walked along the trail below. We closed our eyes and listened to the wind make it’s journey through the trees. It moved and danced like happiness; then paused just to make us listen for its return. This climb was over. There was nothing left but to enjoy this moment, this view. There was a time when I wondered if this kind of day would ever be mine again? The magic of a perfect day just can’t be captured or conveyed and yet because of it, I have a thankfulness that I can’t explain; a memory for the next climb. It represented Gods loving gifts to me-those that I don’t deserve, but enjoy so much. The last three years have been a struggle, riddled with discouraging fevers and illness. It felt so dark at moments and it was difficult to be honest about the dark feelings that accompanied illness and loss of “normalcy”. I wanted to be an upbeat person, full of cheer,full of faith…and that was a fight. Instead, I felt so vulnerable. I learned so much in those times; learned more about God and myself. I learned more about my frailty and need for the strength that only comes from God, that being vulnerable is way more close to the truth of our souls. I learned that living with doubt doesn’t mean you don’t have faith. It just means you’re honest. I learned that the struggle to stay positive is life-long. We all have battles and down days. I learned that God is strong IN my weakness.
I have this yearning to express praise and to thank God for THIS day-for this moment of beauty. I am stronger now and physically have so few “down days”. It’s miraculous. I want to thank people God sent into my life; for the people who supported me and my family during this dark climb. So many prayers on my behalf, so many kind words that I hope I never forget. So while I relish in the beauty of this moment, I would be remiss in not taking the time to say “Thank you”. The cry of my soul is a hope that I can be the person to understand that the climbing is hard, and yet thankfully, there is a mountaintop of refreshment at the end of it all. There are those that God has entrusted with many, many dark days of climbing. They are true heroes, even in their fatigue. I pray differently now for them…that they would experience a reprieve (like a beautiful day); that God would grant them strength for the climb and a glimpse of the top peak to encourage them.
I offer my sincere thanks to each of you for supporting me and my family. May the beauty of this summer season cause us all to reflect on His goodness and grace.