I found my little sitting place here in Greeley, CO. It’s only about 2 miles from the house. I parked the truck in the parking lot and walked around the lake, and then head to the right through a little trail to the river. It’s a wide spot with colorful rocks and a sandbar. A beautiful fallen tree has found a resting place here. Almost all of the bark is gone. I guess it’s God’s furniture…a great place for me to sit. I do just that and look and listen to the Colorado music being made around me. Maybe I’m getting old, but I’m just so much more aware of my beautiful surroundings and take a moment to enjoy it all. The river flows past. It ripples and gurgles. I love that sound. The wind is blowing the same direction and carrying little pieces of the cottonwood tree with it. It’s beautiful really, reminding me of winter snow and feathers all at the same time. I imagine a music staff with all of these sounds flowing along in an interesting cadence and in perfect harmony. It makes me stop and breathe deeply, trying to take it all in…if I only could. Josh and Brooke are letting the current carry them a little farther down. It’s a summer memory for sure. Cola, our dog, continues to play in the water, yelping over and over, not quite sure what the splash of water may bring. She runs and bites the water. She’s mesmerized by it all, kind of like me. I wonder what is around the bend, the part I can’t see. I’ll explore it another day and listen again to this beautiful, magical music of Colorado.